Strong Core, Strong You


Mat Pilates offers low impact exercise and involves no intimidating equipment.  Through a series of floor exercises using resistance bands and rings, the workout helps build, sculpt and tone your core muscles, giving your body a long, lean look. 

Power Plate

Accelerate your results on the Power Plate MOVE by activating more muscles and increasing circulation. Suitable for all ages and especially effective for improving strength, balance, flexibility, mobility and relieving pain.

Core Restore

These programmes are for women who typically have experienced some degree of pelvic floor,  backpain  or core dysfunction and want to empower themselves through education and TAKING ACTION 

Functional Strength

Designed to mimic everyday movements, our circuit training integrates strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance to enhance your overall functional fitness. Our expertly crafted workouts cater to all fitness levels.

Stronger. Longer. Leaner. Healthier.

Improve your everyday wellbeing and physical confidence at Pilates Fitness.

Pilates Fitness is here to offer the everyday user effective guidance to strengthen their core muscles, building healthy, flexible, toned and confident bodies.

By focusing on intelligent, achievable, biomechanically-efficient core-focused exercises that provide maximum results without the risk of injury, Pilates Fitness can benefit everyone.

 Post-natal Pilates

Pilates classes designed to Strengthen your core and pelvic floor  with your baby at our dedicated Mums & Bubs classes. Strengthen your core and pelvic floor for an easier restore function after birth with a faster recovery.


Our hatha yoga classes give you an opportunity to fit rest and recovery into your week. Improve your flexibility wtih gentle stretching and give your mind time and space to focus inwards and practice mindful breathing and movement for restoration and destressing.

Are the classes right for you?

Whether you are working with a serious injury (back, knee, hip, spinal injuries), are a senior with balance issues and pain, an over-trained weekend warrior, a pregnant or postnatal woman, or a desk body by day, we have experience working with a variety of needs.

How will you benefit?

Our mat Pilates classes and innovative Power Plate training incorporate a variety of functional movements, to strengthen, align, engage and activate your body, leaving you feeling mobilised and energised. Along with restoration of core strength, come improvements in posture, balance, and mobility. Pelvic floor muscles are also targeted, improving continence and confidence.

Slow down. Relax.

Pregnancy and sports massage round out our body-care services, providing a convenient way to gift your body recovery and relaxation, essential to any strength building programme, and equally good for body and mind.

Hello! I am Jude.

I put everything into creating a caring, relaxed and down-to-earth environment, where everyone will feel comfortable no matter their age, level of fitness or experience. I hold industry certifications in Pilates, Power Plate, Personal Training and massage. when training with me you will be in good hands.


Getting Started is Easy


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Call me to discuss our classes and find out more about what we can offer you.

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1st Session!

If you are new to Pilates we prefer that you have a one-on-one session before you join our classes, so you can follow along more easily.

My Approach


I have been in the fitness industry for over a decade and am a qualified Personal Trainer, Pregnancy and Sports Massage Therapist, Pilates Teacher and Post Natal Assessor. I have worked with rehab clients in a phyio setting and have developed a passion in helping clients reconnect with their pelvic floors.

My Pilates classes are focused on getting everyone, men and women, to understand how strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is your power house and key to a strong body.

Because if the core is strong….the body is strong!

"Jude is awesome. I totally recommend going to her studio. I had hip surgery two years ago and I really suffer with hip and back problems. I've come a long way with Jude's help. I feel a lot stronger and fitter. I would recommend going to see Jude once .... and you'll be hooked"

Vicky G.

"Beautiful small Pilates studio with lovely instructor. Definitely can recommend, love the technique of mat Pilates focus on right breathing and engage your core!!!

Thank you "

Kami B.

"During lockdown , Via Zoom , Jude has kept up her classes , we are at home doing the exercises and keeping toned ! Thanks a million , healthy bodies give us a healthy mind . Which we all need at this time ."

Jane D.

"Jude is an amazing instructor who provides awesome training and advice. Fun classes with lots of variety for a really great workout."

Leanne S.

"love the clases Jude is amazing and very relaxed"

Carla M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have classes with different difficulty levels?

Yes – we cater for everybody from beginners right through to advanced Pilates students. Power Plate sessions are always tailored to your individual ability and goals.

Does Mat Pilates use complicated equipment?

No – we use simple balls, bands and rings. Nothing intimidating! Easy to follow along at home if you’d prefer to attend via Zoom.

Can I bring my baby to Pilates class?

We have special rostered “Mums & Bubs” classes. These are the classes you can bring your young ones to. We don’t use babies as “weights” in our classes, nor as training partners – however we understand that sometimes they can be demanding of attention. We all do our best to accommodate each other.

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