6 or 12 week pelvic floor and core rehab programme

This 6-12 week educational programme that focuses on the pelvic floor and core by addressing movement, nutrition, bladder and bowel health and women’s wellness . this 6 or 12 Week Pelvic Floor and Core Health programme that truly is a gift that keeps giving 

Enjoy 6 or 12 weeks of education and REVOLUTIONARY ‘WHOLE BODY’ Pelvic Floor 

The programme is adaptable for virtually all women and is designed to bring you ‘back home’ to your amazing body with your Pelvic and Core Health at the centre of our focus.

Weeks 7-12 

Are you a woman who wants to know more about her Pelvic Floor, Core and TAKE CONTROL of her overall health?

Have you experienced the odd leak when jumping, running, laughing or sneezing and know that that’s a sign that you need to pay attention to your Pelvic Health?

Are you a woman that wants an easy to perform ANYWHERE, modern and effective way to strengthen her Core and re-establish its role as part of her whole body?

Do you have a small Diastasis Recti (Tummy Gap) that you want to heal?

Do you have ‘lower back pain’ issues that you’ve been told is due to a ‘weak core’?

Do you want a better looking belly but know it’s an inside out job so need to go deeper and work smarter than just doing?

Are you ready to prioritize this area of your health and learn ESSENTIAL skills to last you a lifetime?

You want to learn the importance of food for not only fat loss but nourishing your deep health?

Have you seen a clinician about a low level Prolapse and been told to ‘do your Pelvic Floor exercises’ as part of your management strategy?

Are you ready to learn the importance of ‘rest’ and ‘self-care’ as part of your wellness journey?

If you’ve answered YES to the above questions…..THIS PROGRAMME IS FOR YOU!

  • This programme runs for 6-12 weeks. You’ll meet with Jude 2-3 per week for the first 6 weeks and there is homework, which is approximately 10 minutes a day
  • Weeks 7-12 
  • The Homework exercises are progressed and so over the course of the 6-12 weeks, as your strength and co-ordination improves, the exercises will become more challenging.

Kegels, simply aren’t the whole or the end of the story when it comes to having a functional core and Pelvic Floor. ​

Your Pelvic Floor and Core muscles don’t exist in isolation, and separate to the movements of your whole body and your breath. 

For your Pelvic Floor and your entire Core to work as it was designed to, we need to re-introduce it to the rest of your body and get it to do its job in time with your breath, movement, and whilst your not necessarily ‘thinking’ about it as well. Just like it used to do before you had babies or before you reached the Menopause.

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