Power Plate®

The gold standard in whole body vibration

Benefits of Power Plate training

Whether you’re a beginner or an elite athlete, our whole body vibration technology will help you achieve your goals. Many traditional exercises can be done on the Power Plate, and the results are magnified due to the Power Plate activating the body’s natural reflexive response to vibration. The surface vibrates 30 to 40 times per second resulting in a natural response that works your muscles harder while doing the same exercises.

Involuntary muscle activity promotes quick, reflexive responses in muscle fibers and an increase in circulation. That means development in whole–body balance, mobility and stability, strength and motor control, in a shorter time frame than with traditional methods. With whole body vibration training, you get a complete, full-body workout incorporating stretch, balance, core, strength-building and massage, all in a 20-30 minutes.

Power Up at Pilates Fitness with one-on-one Personal Training sessions with personalised training goals and focus areas, Brain Bones Balance, or Small Group Training classes. Each session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes and includes a warmup phase (Prepare), a Workout phase (Perform), and a cool-down (Recover) phase.


Apart from the visible strengthening and toning effects this is how Power Plate training could help you on the inside

Neuromuscular activation

Multiple sensors and muscles are activated by the harmonic vibration, including small stabilising muscles.

Regular use of Power Plate will improve balance and coordination, strengthen these supporting muscles, increasing strength, power and posture.

Cardiovascular health

Not only can Power Plate training increase your fitness as much as using a stationary bike, it also benefits the health of your arteries. Artery walls become less stiff, blood becomes less viscous and hypertension and high blood pressure can be reduced. Also, blood gets to many more cells in the body, improving overall cellular health.

Bone density

Using Power Plate regularly (minimum 15 minutes three times a week) can stimulate bone growth, improving bone density and bone health. Consistency and regularity is key. 

The outcome? Reduced risk of falling, and less chance of breaking a bone if you do.

Power Plate hamstring stretch

NEW! Early Bird Classes

Too busy to fit in long gym sessions? Work during the day? These classes are scheduled between 7am and 8:30 am with you in mind!

In just under 30 minutes you will

PREPARE – mobilise to wake up and refresh your body

PERFORM – a strength and/or cardio combination class on Power Plate to accelerate the results

RECOVER – flush the body post-exercise and leave feeling invigorated yet relaxed

Only 6 spots so booking is essential. Normal class rates apply


Brain Bones Balance Classes

This evidence-based series of classes lets you experience ways to optimize function through the ageing process. Stimulate your senses through your feet to improve balance and movement control.

The skin on the bottom of the feet contains thousands of small sensors that are sensitive to vibration, skin stretch, deep pressure and light touch. These nerves play an important role in how we maintain upright stance and posture. The vibration and texture we use in these classes can improve balance and stability by providing optimal stimulation to the nervous system, improving proprioception and reducing sway.

Using Naboso™ Technology and Power Plate, Brain Bones Balance is your go-to programme to improve movement longevity – one step at a time. Participate in brain-training routines while exercising to develop automaticity of movement, and protect against cognitive decline. Whole body vibration has been shown to positively influence bone density. Condition your neuromuscular system for improvements in posture, strength and balance.


Any seniors or balance-compromised people who feel their balance and mobility could do with a boost. Minimum attendance of twice a week is recommended for best outcomes.

How much do classes cost?

10 Power Plate Pass Card – $200

Casual Pay per Class – $30 per class

Membership – max 3 sessions per week – $60 per week

Membership – max 2 sessions per week –  $46 per week

Dual membership – 3 Pilates and 1 Power Plate per week – $60 per week

Dual membership – 2 Pilates and 1 Power Plate per week – $50 per week


Classes are no more than  30 minutes long

Frequently Asked Questions

I have had a hip replacement – can I still use Power Plate?

As soon as you are cleared for exercise by your health professional you are welcome to start using Power Plate. In many countries Power Plate is used specifically after hip/knee replacement surgery to speed up recovery and rehab.

I am pregnant – can I do Power Plate training?

As long as you have been cleared for exercise, Power Plate training should pose no further risks. These days exercise during pregnancy is highly encouraged. Here at Pilates Fitness, with our focus on core and pelvic core strength and function, you can get the benefits of exercise without heavy load-bearing or high-impact movements.

How often should I do Power Plate training?

That depends on your goals and reason for using Power Plate. It is perfectly normal to use every day for stretching, relase of tightness, and boosting circulation. If you have a specific strength goal, then strength gains could be better achieved if you trained on alternate days 2-3 days a week.

My daughter is an aspiring athlete – would Power Plate help her succeed?

Certainly. there is no minimum age for supervised Power Plate training. It is used quite safely on children under 2 for specific therapies. For athletic outcomes it should be integrated into their total training programme to support the training goals.

""I had Guillain Barre syndrome 8 years ago and have had very weakened leg strength and balance. My first Power Plate session made me feel that muscles had "been switched on". I surprised myself by completing my grocery shopping without using the trolley as a walker. I have had 5 sessions now and today stepped up left foot first, which I haven't been able to do for over a year. My circulation and oedema in my legs is also improving and I don't get leg pains at night as often as I used to. I was apprehensive before my first session of Power Plate Brain Bones Balance but feel that the classes are achievable yet challenging and the science of incorporating multiple sensory input is definitely doing something to me since after just two and a half weeks I am feeling stronger and more confident. I am excited to contemplate what further gains I will make in strength and balance as I continue with these classes. Power Plate has become a "must have" part of my weekly routine.""

Lyn M. 79 years

"Jude is awesome. I totally recommend going to her studio. I had hip surgery two years ago and I really suffer with hip and back problems. I've come a long way with Jude's help. I feel a lot stronger and fitter. I would recommend going to see Jude once .... and you'll be hooked"

Vicky G.

"Beautiful small Pilates studio with lovely instructor. Definitely can recommend, love the technique of mat Pilates focus on right breathing and engage your core!!!

Thank you "

Kami B.

"During lockdown , Via Zoom , Jude has kept up her classes , we are at home doing the exercises and keeping toned ! Thanks a million , healthy bodies give us a healthy mind . Which we all need at this time ."

Jane D.

"Jude is an amazing instructor who provides awesome training and advice. Fun classes with lots of variety for a really great workout."

Leanne S.

"love the clases Jude is amazing and very relaxed"

Carla M.

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